Martin Luther's Seal


A mosaic was designed to depict Martin Luther's seal.  The center of Martin Luther's seal is a black cross within a red heart, to remind us that faith in Christ crucified saves us; for if one believes with the heart, one is justified.  Although the cross is black and kills, and is intended to cause pain, yet it does not change the color or the nature of the heart; it does not kill, but keeps alive.  For the just shall live by faith,--faith in the Savior. The heart is fixed upon the centre of a white rose, to show that faith causes joy, comfort and peace. The rose is white because white is the color of spirits and all angels. This rose is on a field tinted with the hues of heaven, to indicate that such joy in the spirit and faith is the beginning of heavenly joy to come, as anticipated and held by hope, though not yet revealed. And around this field is a golden ring, to signify that such bliss in heaven is endless, and more precious than all joys and treasures, since gold is the best and most precious metal. Christ, our dear Lord, will give grace unto eternal life.

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