Sunday Morning Service
11:00 A.M. Worship, Coffee Hour Follows

Sunday Morning Service
9:00 A.M. Worship, Coffee Hour Follows



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11/24/14 5:00pm Basketball
11/25/14 4:00pm ACTS
5:00pm Basketball
6:30pm Confirmation
6:30pm Writers Group
7:30pm NA
11/26/14 6:00pm youth medieval
7:00pm Medieval
11/27/14 2:30pm outside group
7:00pm Alcoholics Anon
7:00pm Nar-Anon
11/28/14 5:00pm Basketball
6:00pm Clutters-Anon
11/29/14 9:00am Basketball

9:00am East Church
10:00am Adult Forum
11:00am Bethesda Worship
1:00pm Living Word
3:00pm Basketball

12/1/14 5:00pm Basketball
7:00pm La Senda De La Vida En Cristo


40 Thanksgiving dinners weighing 487 pounds collected!


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